Frankenstein, birth of a myth

Discover the astonishing genesis of Mary Shelley's masterpiece thanks to a playful experience mixing narrative game and exploration.

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You play Mary, an eighteen year old frail girl confined with a bunch of young romantic artists to a villa by Lake Geneva : Percy Shelley, your paternalist lover  the debauched and cynical poet Lord Byron  your jealous sister Claire and, finally, the pale John Polidori. In order to kill time while the storm is raging day after day, Byron launches a literary challenge. The spirit clouded by the wine of opium, everyone lets his imagination rave, the spirits warm up in a verbal sparring match involving literature, philosophy, religion and history  you have to intervene, express your opinions and confront yourself with a painful past. Will you impose your personality or stand back, intimidated by this brilliant and cultivated circle of acquaintances?

Indie Arena Booth, Gamescom 2018, Cologne
Best Narrative Award

Coming in 2019

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature
A video game inspired by the novel of Mary Shelley

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